Please go to iTunes to purchase “Modern Love,” from the digital version of Manimal’s We Were So Turned On – a Tribute to David Bowie, for only $0.99. You can also get the entire album for $19.99. All proceeds go to War Child UK. Note: Pizza! is not included on the physical release of this record. Preview “Modern Love:”

Pizza! – Modern Love (David Bowie)

Manimal Vinyl and Kill/Hurt Tapes present “Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth,” a schizophrenic fifteen-track collection that puts together some of Pizza!’s best work so far.

You can purchase it from iTunes for $9.99 by clicking here.

You can purchase a physical copy of the record, on an awesome yellow cassette tape, from Kill/Hurt Tapes for only $7! Click here to buy the tape!

From boomkat:

“Manimal’s relentless outpouring of LA-spawned new bands continues with its new release from Pizza!, a quintet whose songtitles include ‘Gay “Hotel California”‘ and ‘Iron Fart’. Despite outwardly appearing to be horrendously juvenile, Pizza! are capable of some great psych/synth pop moments. ‘Houses’ is a feel good ditty to be reckoned with, and ‘Christmas Is Air (All Around Us)’ is a wholly commendable (un)festive novelty. Elsewhere, ‘Bird Dreams’ is a nice piece of tuneful, yet surreal experimentation, and ‘(We Be @ She) Summer Spot’ is a neat fusion of jazzy horn solos and clipping electronic breaks. The album feels very fragmented, and at no point do you feel there was ever a unifying vision intended, but that scatterbrained logic translates nicely, and you truly never know what’s coming next.”


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