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Lottery League recap

Over the past month, Pizza! members were put randomly into three new bands as part of LA’s LOTTERY LEAGUE. Each group made recordings. Here are links to free downloads by the bands:

The above photograph was taken from Charles Mallison’s Facebook album “First We Take Manhattan.” Charles is an excellent photographer, and he snapped a lot of cool images of the night.

Thanks so much to the Council of Chiefs for allowing us to participate in this project. It was such a good experience and it was an honor to be a part of it.

Lottery League Video Flyers

We mentioned that we were involved in the LA Lottery League, which is having its BIG SHOW tomorrow. Three of us are participating in the league, which has put us in new bands with strangers and given us a month to prepare for our performance.

Here are two video flyers for the Big Show, featuring Pizza! members. Thanks to Dalton Blanco for these.

Here’s P.O.P. (Positive Outreach Program), including Tyler:

Here’s Magii, including Geoff:

Come to the show tomorrow for your only chance to see these new groups. Also, click here for previews of some of the other rad Lottery League bands…

Lottery League – Saturday Night

Oh, so this is happening…

LA Lottery League – THE BIG SHOW (RSVP on Facebook) Saturday, February 26 at Project Infest, 3201 Maple Ave. 90011. $5.

Modeling themselves after the original Lottery League in Cleveland, a “Council of Chiefs” has randomly created 12 new bands from a pool of Los Angeles musicians. Three of us – Geoff, Tyler, and Duncan – are  involved. On January 29, we were split into our new bands. Since then, we’ve been writing and rehearsing with a diverse group of people that we’ve only just met. It’s been a challenging and exciting journey, and we’re glad that we’re a part of it.

On Saturday, we’ll perform with our new groups at Project Infest. Come to the show and see our bands and 9 other completely fresh acts. Here’s an interview about the league, with Chief Sean Carnage, from KPCC.

Greetings from the Swamp!

Pizza! has been “hard at work” on some new jamz. Here’s the footage:

“Buttersaw” video from last night

Last night we played the Echo, as we tend to do. Our awesome friend Barrie Rose shot this video of “Buttersaw” and posted it to Youtube for all to see.

OMG and do you know what else happened yesterday? We finished our new album.