Big Mammoth Skull

Pizza! — Big Mammoth Skull from Caitlin Craggs on Vimeo.

Our great friend Caitlin Craggs directed this beautiful new video for us. She also stars in it! The video premiered a couple of days ago on Arcade44, which also has a short feature on us. Thanks to Caitlin for making the video, and thanks to Annick Mayer for debuting the video.

Check out the song “Big Mammoth Skull” and download it here.


New video + interview with Geoff

This is our new video, directed by our friend Blaine Ludy. We can’t express how happy we are with it. Thanks Blaine!

In other news, I (Geoff) have a solo album called Princess that I just released on Vanity Projects. I did an interview with Mark Givens, of MungBeing magazine, to promote it. The interview includes an mp3 collection, including an old gem from back when Pizza! was called the New Motherfuckers. Check it out!

Alex wins mayonaise

Here is your new Pizza! preview

Get Excited!

Lottery League Video Flyers

We mentioned that we were involved in the LA Lottery League, which is having its BIG SHOW tomorrow. Three of us are participating in the league, which has put us in new bands with strangers and given us a month to prepare for our performance.

Here are two video flyers for the Big Show, featuring Pizza! members. Thanks to Dalton Blanco for these.

Here’s P.O.P. (Positive Outreach Program), including Tyler:

Here’s Magii, including Geoff:

Come to the show tomorrow for your only chance to see these new groups. Also, click here for previews of some of the other rad Lottery League bands…

Greetings from the Swamp!

Pizza! has been “hard at work” on some new jamz. Here’s the footage: