“We Come from the Swamp”

We decided last year to stop being a band, but we finished our album first. We Come from the Swamp is twelve tracks long and we’re offering it for free (or for whatever you’d like to pay) through Bandcamp. It’s also streaming on Spotify. Please listen, download, and share.

Thanks for supporting us! We had a lot of fun doing this, and we’re grateful for all of the friends we’ve made along the way.


Three new songs – available now for free

We’ve been hard at work on our new album for a long time, so it’s nice to finally release some of the jams to the world! Here are “Riding Through the Jungle” and “Buttersaw,” available as free downloads! As a bonus, we’ve included Kid Infinity‘s incredible remix of “Jungle,” which Geoff has been performing live with the group all summer.

New video + interview with Geoff

This is our new video, directed by our friend Blaine Ludy. We can’t express how happy we are with it. Thanks Blaine!

In other news, I (Geoff) have a solo album called Princess that I just released on Vanity Projects. I did an interview with Mark Givens, of MungBeing magazine, to promote it. The interview includes an mp3 collection, including an old gem from back when Pizza! was called the New Motherfuckers. Check it out!

Lottery League recap

Over the past month, Pizza! members were put randomly into three new bands as part of LA’s LOTTERY LEAGUE. Each group made recordings. Here are links to free downloads by the bands:

The above photograph was taken from Charles Mallison’s Facebook album “First We Take Manhattan.” Charles is an excellent photographer, and he snapped a lot of cool images of the night.

Thanks so much to the Council of Chiefs for allowing us to participate in this project. It was such a good experience and it was an honor to be a part of it.

Update: New song, New album progress, New live video, Side projects…

Manimal's "We Were So Turned On." Cover art by Nico Turner.

Here’s a blast of Pizza! news:

Last week, Manimal Vinyl released a new Pizza! song on iTunes and Amazon – it’s our cover of David Bowie’s “Modern Love,” and it’s featured on the digital version of Manimal’s We Were So Turned On compilation. Other included artists are Duran Duran, Warpaint, French First Lady Carla Bruni, and many more. The digital version is out now, while the physical version (that doesn’t include Pizza!) drops tomorrow.

We’re honored to be included on this tribute with such a diverse and impressive cast of characters, and we’re delighted that all of the proceeds from the project will go to War Child UK.

Please go to iTunes to purchase “Modern Love” for only $0.99 or the entire album for $19.99 (full tracklist after the jump). You can preview the track here:

The Bowie cover isn’t the only thing we’ve been doing, though! We are happy to report that we have chosen the mixer for our new album, and that we will have the finished version very soon. The album will feature a lot of contributions from several friends, including Nicole Kidman, Aaron Kyle from Le Switch, Drew and Morgan of Big Whup, and our lovely friends Caitlin, Chloe, and Moonit. We aren’t sure about the official release date yet, but pay attention and you might be able to hear some of it in the near future… In that vein, our buddy Shane has posted a video of us playing the song “the Melado,” from the new record, at Echo Curio on Wednesday.

And then there are the side projects… As you may know, we in Pizza! have our hands in a lot of different pots. Here are some updates of what these different projects are doing:

Fol Chen tour. Alex plays all sorts of instruments in Fol Chen, a group that is about to embark on two exciting tours. See them all over the U.S. with !!! and Apples in Stereo.

Walter Meego Midwest jaunt. Duncan and Tyler recently started working with Walter Meego. They’ll be in Chicago and Michigan later this month.

Evan Voytas residency. Duncan and Caitlin (who guests as a vocalist on several Pizza! tracks) are playing in the Evan Voytas band during Evan’s residency at the Echo next month. Look for Pizza! to join the band on one of the Mondays.

Big Whup 7″. Big Whup, featuring both Geoff and Rand, is releasing its second 7″ in late November on Static Aktion records.

Geoff solo release and visual art. Geoff is going into the studio later this month with members of Moses Campbell to record some new solo songs. He is also hard at work preparing for his first solo art show, which opens October 21 at Echo Curio. Pizza! is playing that opening event, along with our friends Michael Nhat and Slumber Beast.

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Free mp3: “The Future?” live on KXLU


We just uploaded a new mp3, a recording of “The Future?” that we did a few weeks ago on KXLU. Thanks to Jon Deutsche for mixing it for us.

We also have links to more free mp3s available in the Download Free Music section of our website.

Come see us at the WAVED OUT festival, this Saturday at the Echoplex! Click here to find out more information and get some links to contests for free tickets.

We are also playing a FREE SHOW on Monday at Spaceland with Warpaint, Moonrats, and Dot Hacker.

Get our debut record on iTunes!

Manimal Vinyl presents “Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth,” a schizophrenic fifteen-track collection that puts together some of Pizza!’s best work so far.

You can purchase it from iTunes for $9.99 by clicking here.

From boomkat:

“Manimal’s relentless outpouring of LA-spawned new bands continues with its new release from Pizza!, a quintet whose songtitles include ‘Gay “Hotel California”‘ and ‘Iron Fart’. Despite outwardly appearing to be horrendously juvenile, Pizza! are capable of some great psych/synth pop moments. ‘Houses’ is a feel good ditty to be reckoned with, and ‘Christmas Is Air (All Around Us)’ is a wholly commendable (un)festive novelty. Elsewhere, ‘Bird Dreams’ is a nice piece of tuneful, yet surreal experimentation, and ‘(We Be @ She) Summer Spot’ is a neat fusion of jazzy horn solos and clipping electronic breaks. The album feels very fragmented, and at no point do you feel there was ever a unifying vision intended, but that scatterbrained logic translates nicely, and you truly never know what’s coming next.”

Preview Pizza!’s music with free mp3s at the Hype Machine.