Three new songs – available now for free

We’ve been hard at work on our new album for a long time, so it’s nice to finally release some of the jams to the world! Here are “Riding Through the Jungle” and “Buttersaw,” available as free downloads! As a bonus, we’ve included Kid Infinity‘s incredible remix of “Jungle,” which Geoff has been performing live with the group all summer.


Lottery League Video Flyers

We mentioned that we were involved in the LA Lottery League, which is having its BIG SHOW tomorrow. Three of us are participating in the league, which has put us in new bands with strangers and given us a month to prepare for our performance.

Here are two video flyers for the Big Show, featuring Pizza! members. Thanks to Dalton Blanco for these.

Here’s P.O.P. (Positive Outreach Program), including Tyler:

Here’s Magii, including Geoff:

Come to the show tomorrow for your only chance to see these new groups. Also, click here for previews of some of the other rad Lottery League bands…

Lottery League – Saturday Night

Oh, so this is happening…

LA Lottery League – THE BIG SHOW (RSVP on Facebook) Saturday, February 26 at Project Infest, 3201 Maple Ave. 90011. $5.

Modeling themselves after the original Lottery League in Cleveland, a “Council of Chiefs” has randomly created 12 new bands from a pool of Los Angeles musicians. Three of us – Geoff, Tyler, and Duncan – are  involved. On January 29, we were split into our new bands. Since then, we’ve been writing and rehearsing with a diverse group of people that we’ve only just met. It’s been a challenging and exciting journey, and we’re glad that we’re a part of it.

On Saturday, we’ll perform with our new groups at Project Infest. Come to the show and see our bands and 9 other completely fresh acts. Here’s an interview about the league, with Chief Sean Carnage, from KPCC.

“Bogus Rimshots” reviewed in LA Record #101; Free Show tonight!

The new issue of L.A. Record has been released, and it features a review of our Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth cassette. In case you haven’t seen L.A. Record, you should know that it’s the best and biggest music publication in Los Angeles and can be found for free at newsstands, venues, and record stores all around Southern California (full disclosure – we, uh, “know” some of the people who write for the magazine). If you haven’t heard Bogus Rimshots, click here to buy it from Kill/Hurt Tapes – but hurry, there are only about 30 copies left!

If you’re digitally inclined, the album – a compilation of our favorite tracks from the past few years – is available on iTunes via Manimal Vinyl.

We are also playing a Free Show tonight at the Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd.), which is also the only show we have on our schedule before the end of the year. It’s not necessarily our LAST show of the year, but it certainly might be…

We play at 10pm. Opener Halloween Swim Team plays at 9pm, closer the Sweet Hurt plays at 12am, and headliner Evan Voytas (featuring Pizza! member Duncan and Pizza! collaborator Caitlin). RSVP on Facebook.

Update: New song, New album progress, New live video, Side projects…

Manimal's "We Were So Turned On." Cover art by Nico Turner.

Here’s a blast of Pizza! news:

Last week, Manimal Vinyl released a new Pizza! song on iTunes and Amazon – it’s our cover of David Bowie’s “Modern Love,” and it’s featured on the digital version of Manimal’s We Were So Turned On compilation. Other included artists are Duran Duran, Warpaint, French First Lady Carla Bruni, and many more. The digital version is out now, while the physical version (that doesn’t include Pizza!) drops tomorrow.

We’re honored to be included on this tribute with such a diverse and impressive cast of characters, and we’re delighted that all of the proceeds from the project will go to War Child UK.

Please go to iTunes to purchase “Modern Love” for only $0.99 or the entire album for $19.99 (full tracklist after the jump). You can preview the track here:

The Bowie cover isn’t the only thing we’ve been doing, though! We are happy to report that we have chosen the mixer for our new album, and that we will have the finished version very soon. The album will feature a lot of contributions from several friends, including Nicole Kidman, Aaron Kyle from Le Switch, Drew and Morgan of Big Whup, and our lovely friends Caitlin, Chloe, and Moonit. We aren’t sure about the official release date yet, but pay attention and you might be able to hear some of it in the near future… In that vein, our buddy Shane has posted a video of us playing the song “the Melado,” from the new record, at Echo Curio on Wednesday.

And then there are the side projects… As you may know, we in Pizza! have our hands in a lot of different pots. Here are some updates of what these different projects are doing:

Fol Chen tour. Alex plays all sorts of instruments in Fol Chen, a group that is about to embark on two exciting tours. See them all over the U.S. with !!! and Apples in Stereo.

Walter Meego Midwest jaunt. Duncan and Tyler recently started working with Walter Meego. They’ll be in Chicago and Michigan later this month.

Evan Voytas residency. Duncan and Caitlin (who guests as a vocalist on several Pizza! tracks) are playing in the Evan Voytas band during Evan’s residency at the Echo next month. Look for Pizza! to join the band on one of the Mondays.

Big Whup 7″. Big Whup, featuring both Geoff and Rand, is releasing its second 7″ in late November on Static Aktion records.

Geoff solo release and visual art. Geoff is going into the studio later this month with members of Moses Campbell to record some new solo songs. He is also hard at work preparing for his first solo art show, which opens October 21 at Echo Curio. Pizza! is playing that opening event, along with our friends Michael Nhat and Slumber Beast.

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Show tonight, and a review of “Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth”

We’re playing the Smell tonight and it’s going to be awesome! Our buddies Aunt Dracula had to be removed from the bill because they had a tour van tragedy, but fortunately Essay has stepped onto the bill in their stead.

Today, International Tapes ran a nice review of our compilation album, Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth. We really appreciate it. Buy the album on cassette from Kill/Hurt. You can also buy it on iTunes from Manimal Vinyl.

Announcement: August 11 show canceled

Pizza! has removed itself from the bill of performers playing the West Los Angeles Bandshell on Wednesday, August 11. This is our first cancellation in over five years as a band.

We have chosen not to perform on Wednesday as a result of Best Buy’s involvement as a sponsor of the performance. Human Rights Campaign has reported that Best Buy has donated $100,000 to MN Forward, a political action committee that is working to elect State Representative Tom Emmer to be governor of the company’s home state of Minnesota. Representative Emmer is on record as a vehement opponent of equal rights for homosexuals, and has stated his support of at least one group that advocates violence against gays. Human Rights Campaign has asked Best Buy to compensate for their action by donating an equal or greater amount to a candidate who is supportive of civil rights, and the company has declined to do so. In an emailed response to a Best Buy shopper who expressed his dismay about the company’s donations, a representative of the company said the following:

The reality is candidates across the political spectrum have a lot of different positions on a lot of different issues – and Best Buy may not necessarily agree with all those positions – but from a jobs and economic perspective, Best Buy joined other MN businesses in supporting the objectives of MN Forward.

In other words, Best Buy’s policy in regards to political donations is to act only in its economic self-interest, even if doing so means supporting candidates who are opposed to civil rights.

We believe that the duties of our state and federal governments are to protect citizens from harm and to create policies that encourage the well-being of society. A legal denial of rights based on any arbitrary distinction runs contrary to these duties. Those who support the codification of bigotry undermine the fabric of our society, as well as the Fourteenth Amendment of our Constitution. Anti-gay public officials, moreover, send a message that hatred and intolerance are somehow reasonable viewpoints. We unequivocally oppose those with such irresponsible ideals, and we furthermore oppose those who choose to ignore their vitriol in pursuit of profit. Thus, we cannot implicitly endorse Best Buy by performing at a concert that is sponsored by the company.

We apologize to our friends and fans who were planning on attending the performance, but we trust that they will understand and respect the reasoning behind our decision.