“Bogus Rimshots” reviewed in LA Record #101; Free Show tonight!

The new issue of L.A. Record has been released, and it features a review of our Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth cassette. In case you haven’t seen L.A. Record, you should know that it’s the best and biggest music publication in Los Angeles and can be found for free at newsstands, venues, and record stores all around Southern California (full disclosure – we, uh, “know” some of the people who write for the magazine). If you haven’t heard Bogus Rimshots, click here to buy it from Kill/Hurt Tapes – but hurry, there are only about 30 copies left!

If you’re digitally inclined, the album – a compilation of our favorite tracks from the past few years – is available on iTunes via Manimal Vinyl.

We are also playing a Free Show tonight at the Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd.), which is also the only show we have on our schedule before the end of the year. It’s not necessarily our LAST show of the year, but it certainly might be…

We play at 10pm. Opener Halloween Swim Team plays at 9pm, closer the Sweet Hurt plays at 12am, and headliner Evan Voytas (featuring Pizza! member Duncan and Pizza! collaborator Caitlin). RSVP on Facebook.


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