Vote for us to be ‘Band of the Month’

As we said last week, we’re in a battle to be named the Deli LA’s ‘Band of the Month’ for May 2010. If we win, we will be awarded free mastering at a really nice studio.

We’ve been unfortunately pitted against some of our good friends, Moses Campbell and Michael Nhat. Both of those artists are very much involved in making the LA underground scene as vibrant and as inspiring as it currently is, and we’re sad to be pitted against them because they are both deserving of accolades. We won’t fault any of our friends for casting votes in their direction!

But as it stands, Michael and Moses have drifted pretty far down in the standings. The fight for first place is squarely between us and a band called Wires in the Walls. They don’t appear to come from the community, and we had never heard of them before this contest started. Nonetheless, vitriolic comments on the poll’s message board make it seem like they’ve created a fan base that is very amped-up about this vote  (okay, so some of our friends have been vitriolic too).

So please take a second to vote for us at the Deli. There’s no sign up, and you don’t have to give away your email address or any other information. We could sincerely use the prize, and we’d consider our victory a win for the entire underground scene on the East Side of Los Angeles – a scene of which we feel incredibly grateful to be a part.


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