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Pizza! and Weave! at Part Time Punks, this Sunday!

This Sunday, Oct 18:

Please join Pizza! and Weave! at Part Time Punks this Sunday, to celebrate the release of Pizza!’s digital compilation “Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth,” out now from Manimal Vinyl.

We are extraordinarily excited to play our first show at the Echo in more than a year, and our first Part Time Punks in more than two years. Part Time Punks was really important to us back in our early days – as a young band starting out in Echo Park, we aspired to play the club and looked at it as a sign of neighborhood legitimacy when we landed our first night there, in October of 2006. So in short – it’s cool to play there again! And we get to play with Weave!, a new labelmate on Manimal and a band that we really like. It’s exciting, you know?

Oh – and it’s Alex’s first show with us since July! And we sound better than ever!

Part Time Punks @ the Echo
1822 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park.


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