Manimal Vinyl releasing Pizza! compilation on October 5 – One last week to download our discography for free!

Pizza! is happy to announce that Manimal Vinyl will be releasing our second LP in 2010. In order to generate interest for our upcoming release, on October 5th Manimal will release a digital-only compilation of some of our best material. The release will include fifteen remastered favorites, representing all of our official releases and including a couple of other goodies.

Up until this point, everything that we’ve released has been free. Because we will now be charging for our music, we must remove the songs that will be included in the compilation from this website. While we know that this is a necessary step, it is not one that we take lightly. Thus, before we take them down we want to make sure that we give everyone one last chance to download everything for free. The songs will remain on this website, therefore, for another week. On Monday, September 21, the tracks will be removed.

Click here to download everything while it’s not too late!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded our music from this site!

In other news, Pizza! will be opening Manimal Festival 2009 on October 3rd at Pioneertown in Joshua Tree. The event is sponsored by KCRW and LA Record, and it is full of excellent acts. We’re incredibly excited to be playing on the same day as Jonesin’, We Are the World, Rainbow Arabia, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Tickets are $30 from

Album art and tracklist for “Bogus Rimshots From the Fourth,” available for purchase on iTunes starting October 5:

Pizza! compilation "Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth"

01. Bloo Moob 02. Griffith Park Fire 03. Iron Fart 04. (We be @ She) Summer Spot 05. Mammoth Skull 06. Rims Patrone 07. Repress Yourself! 08. the Future? 09. Be a Man 10. Dinoboticus 11. Gay “Hotel California” 12. Houses 13. Christmas is Air (All around us) 14. Bird-Dreams 15. Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth


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