New songs – Hear them on KXLU’s Demolisten this Friday!

Hello everybody:

It’s been a while since we’ve posted to this site, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy. We are currently doing work for our upcoming second LP and also for a David Bowie cover that we’re recording. Things are going great!!! Tyler and Rand have recorded their drum parts already, and while they compile those the rest of us are practicing a whole lot in order to make sure that all of our parts are perfect! Things are going fast and we’re confident that our finished product will be a monster jam.

For those who can’t wait (or if you’d just like a preview), we’re going to be doing live performances of songs of the record this Friday on KXLU’s Demolisten. In its twenty-fifth year on the air, Demolisten is a staple of the LA music scene and was the first show to play recordings from many local groups that made it way big, including Jane’s Addiction, Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Beck. Nowadays, the show hosts weekly live performances by the best bands in the scene, and we’re honored to be playing our second Demolisten (our first was in December 2006, back when we were called “the New Motherfuckers”).

The show will air from 6-8PM Pacific (9-11 Eastern) and will be streaming online at KXLU’s website. Those in LA can tune in to 88.9 FM, as well. Bands normally play around the middle of the show, but try to catch the whole broadcast if you’d like to get an earful of the cool stuff that’s going on in this city’s underground (hint: it’s way better than the stuff that’s going on in the “overground”).

Here is a flyer:

Here is a wicked old youtube video from the cassette era that gives the history of Demolisten:


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  1. do you need a hype man for your radio show appearance?

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