Now – Pizza! Lyrics are available on this website!

Several of our friends have asked us lately about our lyrics, so now they can be read here on this website. We have created this page with lyrics to many of our songs. We hope that you enjoy reading them!

In other news, we have expanded the list of places where you can buy our shirts. Now they are for sale for $10 at Echo Curio (1519 Sunset Blvd) as well as L’keg Gallery (311 Glendale Blvd) and this website. You can save money, of course, by buying them for $7 at any of our shows…

Of course, Monday’s show at Pehrspace’s Sean Carnage Night is the last one we have for a while. Why the hiatus? We are beginning work on our second album, and we want to devote all of our energy to it. So come out to Pehrspace and wish us good luck. You won’t be able to see us again until we play the Smell on May 8th.

We will be heard live on KXLU’s Demolisten on March 27th, from 6:00-8:00 PM Pacific Time. It can be heard on-air in Los Angeles at 88.9 FM and can be streamed online from KXLU’s website.


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