Pizza! declares war on the Smashing Pumpkins with new free download

As many of you know, Pizza! and Smashing Pumpkins have been arch-enemies since the mid-90s, when our bands played together at the Universal Bar and Grill (on a night booked by Lexxi Paul) and Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan stole all of our songs and released them as “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.”

Even if you’re not familiar with that story, you are probably familiar with what happened afterwards: using the songs that we’d written, Corgan had huge success with the record, and then he shaved his head. Pizza!, however, has been languishing in obscurity for the last fourteen years, only wishing to have as much success as Corgan did with our material.

Time has healed a lot of our wounds, but only a couple of weeks ago Corgan decided to re-open them! Those who watched the Superbowl probably saw this commercial for the Hyundai Genesis, featuring a new original song, entitled “FOL,” by the Smashing Pumpkins. You probably didn’t know, however, that Pizza! had been working closely with Hyundai on our own Superbowl ad, to feature OUR new original song, entitled “Hyundai Commercial.” We were dropped unceremoniously from the ad, however, when Corgan wrote his new song. Hyundai thought, apparently, that they could sell more cars with a song by the Pumpkins than they could with a song by Pizza!

Left without any other options, we are now forced to release our Hyundai song on its own as a download from this site. Please click here or on the .jpg below in order to download the song.

And one last note to Mr. Corgan: You may have won the money/exposure battle, but you’ll also die soon because you’re OLD, hahaha.

Click for the song:


7 Responses

  1. how do i watch the commercial and listen to the song at the same time?

  2. you’re not very bright for a governor.

  3. Thanks for giving a hyundai shout out.

  4. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon and my Mother (god rest her soul).

  5. LMAO!!!! Seriously????? you guys this is funny!!!

  6. yes we try to be entertaining.

  7. […] February 17, 2009 Posted by jillysp in postchildren. trackback Band named “Pizza!” makes outrageous theft claims and then promotes  a free download of FOL.  Paging Kenny […]

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