Let’s Independent! on Tuesday

On Tuesday we have the distinct pleasure of being a part of November’s installment of Let’s Independent!, a concert series put on by Joe at Radio Free Silverlake. Recently we did an interview on that site to promote the show. It was outrageous.

Now we’d like to tell you about the other bands on the bill, who you should hear. If you click on the band names, you will find music by the bands! Both of the bands are cool and have been getting a lot of good words from people lately:

The Broken Remotes. “They were a pretty good band! …Triangulate a space between indie rock, power pop, and alt country to find a sonic reference point…. A small group of scene regulars whom I respect a good deal turned to each other afterward, eyes wide and heads nodding in a slow up-and-down motion.” – Classical Geek Theatre.

Automatic Drawing. “It’s a rare case when you find a band just immediately fucking likable… where multiple songs grab you right away and you wonder why or how the hell you’ve never heard of them before.” – Radio Free Silver Lake

Anyway we hope to see you at Boardner’s on Tuesday! The sound system there is fantastic.


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