The So So Glos and Thursday’s show

On Thursday, we are playing a show with New York’s magnificent “So So Glos,” a band that is definitely worthy of a myspace link. They sent us their new album recently, and it is very good. They make smart and danceable punkish rock and are definitely a great band for people who like bands like the Muslims and Fifty on Their Heels

The show is in Claremont, which is kind of a long slog if you’re living in LA, but worth it! Here is a map of Pitzer College, which is where the show is located. Here is a picture of the idyllic Grove House, where the show will be taking place.

The show is FREE!

Here is a picture of the So so Glos a band the So So Glos know playing in Birmingham, Alabama at Cave 9. Geoff chose this picture because years ago he played a solo show at Cave 9, and this made him nostalgic. The So So Glos, The So So Glos’ friends, it should be noted, had a better audience than he did:

Here is a Youtube video of the So So Glos:

Here is the show flier:


2 Responses

  1. hello,
    not to nitpick, but that photo from cave 9 is in fact not of the so so glos, but rather of our friends’ band, the ackleys, a birmingham-based foursome who hosts us when we visit their fine town. their latest musical incarnation is worth linking as well!


  2. OH NO!!!! I got it from your blog and assumed it was you. I guess that “when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.”

    Fixed now.

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