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Elaine Layabout

Mouse at Classical Geek Theatre reported the sad news today that Elaine Layabout has been asked by the people who run the Echo, Echoplex and Spaceland to remove all of the videos from her site that were shot at their venues. Mouse’s post is very insightful and says about all that needs to be said, and we don’t have anything to add.

We would, however, like to take this opportunity to thank Elaine and others like her for their help in promoting our band. As Mouse points out, things aren’t exactly rosy these days for underground musicians trying to make their way. Free promotion, especially that which has the potential to be spread virally throughout the internet, has been absolutely crucial to the little bit of success that our band has had. We are grateful for it, and we want to make it known that we encourage it. It is hard to imagine how a band or a venue would feel otherwise.

Elaine’s dedication to the Los Angeles underground scene has been nothing short of miraculous. While this blow is certainly discouraging, we hope that she doesn’t take it as a reason to stop doing what she’s doing.


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