Interview on Radio Free Silverlake

Joe from Radio Free Silverlake conducted an interview with us last night via instant messenger. It can be read right here.

Here is a “Highlight.” We were talking about Barack and our hopes for the future:

RFSL (10:19:49 PM): It’s nice to have pride and hope in a president.
RFSL (10:19:53 PM): Oh, yes…
pizza! (10:20:11 PM): on election night there was a big party on the corner of alvarado and sunset
RFSL (10:20:27 PM): Did everything feel a little different today? A little clearer? Like how the air is after a storm?
pizza! (10:20:33 PM): everyone just screaming and spraying champagne and getting cars to honk their horns
pizza! (10:20:44 PM): like after a sports game
pizza! (10:20:55 PM): or a gladatorial contest
RFSL (10:21:00 PM): A sports game that actually counts
pizza! (10:21:01 PM): or a hunt
pizza! (10:21:28 PM): a successful hunt, whence you shot many antelope
pizza! (10:21:43 PM): food is life for us
RFSL (10:22:00 PM): You think it’ll change what kind of songs you make?
pizza! (10:22:20 PM): yes!!!!!
RFSL (10:22:26 PM): How so?
pizza! (10:23:17 PM): there is positive air in our band room, it kind of condenses in a musical way on things, christmas is air.
pizza! (10:23:24 PM): it is all around everything
RFSL (10:24:25 PM): Even more positive than before?
pizza! (10:24:45 PM): one of the most optical sensations was watching the speech

We are grateful to Joe because he is hosting us on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at his “Let’s Independent” night at Boardner’s of Hollywood.

make sure to read the rest of the interview, right here.


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