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What is Love? …I just drifted away

We are releasing a new EP tonight at Pehrspace. You may have heard. Here is the artwork and the details:


  1. Big Husky Open-toed Camel
  2. Me & Chocolate Thunder
  3. Dark Mooshoo tonight
  4. Mammoth Skull
  5. Convo with King Billion
  6. Never Gonna Be Alone
  7. O! Jesus Christ!
  8. Convo with King Billion, pt. 2
  9. At the Disco (download it now on our Myspace page)

25 lucky people will get free copies of this tonight. Everyone else will have to wait! We’ll also be giving away the first 20 hard copies of our last EP, “Bound by a Love.”

Thanks, btw, to JAX at Rockinsider for helping us promote this!


2 Responses

  1. Track 2 is looking like it could be my favorite track on the record. hahaha

  2. Is this one going to be available for download? Or do I have to drive ALL THE WAY to LA for a copy.

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