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Here are some things that might be of interest to you (if you like Pizza!):

Our friend Mouse wrote a nice review of our show at the Echo on Thursday on Classical Geek Theatre. He also posted a Youtube video of “The Future?,” which we’ve reposted below.

Thursday was a really fun night, and we appreciate everyone for not only coming out but also for being energetic. Thanks also to the Hell Ya! DJs for putting us on the bill for the night.

We have two (2) shows right about to happen in a row:

On Wednesday (July 2) we are playing at the Smell with Zombelle and Clapsclap.

On Saturday (July 5) we are playing at Spaceland with Masterslashslave from San Francisco.

Here’s Mouse’s footage of “the Future?” from Thursday:


One Response

  1. This line from that blog review sums up Thursday’s show pretty well: “They’re starting to carry an air of legitimacy …”

    It’s strange but true! You guys sounded downright professional at that gig. It was great!

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