Update 5/7/8: New Youtube videos, No Paws (No Lions)/A.M. split release show, Highland Park Music Fest

Here is some stuff that will be of interest to people who like Pizza!:

* Elaine Layabout has posted a surprisingly large collection of videos from our Mr. T’s show on May 2. These are worth watching simply because Geoff stumbles and nearly falls flat on his face during one of them. It’s really entertaining to watch people fall, right?

Here is Elaine’s Pizza! playlist on Youtube. Songs included are Bloo Moob, Our #1 Sound, Houses, Deforestacion, Griffith Park Fire, and Riding Thru the Jungle (which is new). Thanks Elaine! These are great!

* No Paws (No Lions) is one of our favorite bands that we’ve met in the last year, and A.M. is a really rad group we just found out about that will most likely become one of our favorite bands of the coming year. Together, they have just released a split EP on Silencio Records. No Paws and A.M. are celebrating this release on Friday at L’Keg in Echo Park, and we have the fortune of playing with them! Please come check out the show, which is all ages, and pick up a copy of the 7″! Also performing is the fabulous Voice on Tape:

Fri, May 9. No Paws (No Lions), A.M., Voice on Tape, Pizza! @ L’Keg. 1170 Glendale Blvd, 90026. $5. All Ages.

* On Saturday, we are playing an outdoor music fest at Zeppelin Music in Highland Park! There are a lot of sweet bands on the bill, including our friends the Monolators and Fol Chen. The Monolators played with us this past Friday at Mr. T’s, and they absolutely slayed. Fol Chen’s music is cool, but the important thing to know about them is that their bassist is WAY cute. It’s an all day fest, and we play around 5:30:

Sat, May 10. the Monolators, Fol Chen, Seasons, Push Play, Pizza!, Boxviolet, Ghosts Machinists, Naima Earth, Braille. Zeppelin Music. 5030 York Blvd, 90042. $5. All Ages.


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  1. Im excited to see you guys on Saturday. We had to do an interview while you were playing on Friday and I only got to see two songs of your set!!!!! Its a crime, A CRIME I SAY!

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