We had a good time playing our reunion show at the Smell last weekend! Thanks everybody!


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Pizza!, the BAND, is reuniting for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Smell (next to Jalisco Bar) in DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES. It’s happening on JANUARY 4, 2014 and it costs TEN DOLLARS. Also performing will be VICE COOLER (of XBXRX and all them sick music video you love, y’all), CHAIN AND THE GANG (ex-Nation of Ulysses, etc), THE SHIVAS (who are on tour from their home in a place close to, but not exactly in, Canada) and CTHTR (pronounced “catheter”).

This is the second day of THE SMELL’s 16th ANNIVERSARY. Wow, Congratulations!

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Doors Open at 8!

We are not playing late so come early!


“We Come from the Swamp”

We decided last year to stop being a band, but we finished our album first. We Come from the Swamp is twelve tracks long and we’re offering it for free (or for whatever you’d like to pay) through Bandcamp. It’s also streaming on Spotify. Please listen, download, and share.

Thanks for supporting us! We had a lot of fun doing this, and we’re grateful for all of the friends we’ve made along the way.

Big Mammoth Skull

Pizza! — Big Mammoth Skull from Caitlin Craggs on Vimeo.

Our great friend Caitlin Craggs directed this beautiful new video for us. She also stars in it! The video premiered a couple of days ago on Arcade44, which also has a short feature on us. Thanks to Caitlin for making the video, and thanks to Annick Mayer for debuting the video.

Check out the song “Big Mammoth Skull” and download it here.

Three new songs – available now for free

We’ve been hard at work on our new album for a long time, so it’s nice to finally release some of the jams to the world! Here are “Riding Through the Jungle” and “Buttersaw,” available as free downloads! As a bonus, we’ve included Kid Infinity‘s incredible remix of “Jungle,” which Geoff has been performing live with the group all summer.

New video + interview with Geoff

This is our new video, directed by our friend Blaine Ludy. We can’t express how happy we are with it. Thanks Blaine!

In other news, I (Geoff) have a solo album called Princess that I just released on Vanity Projects. I did an interview with Mark Givens, of MungBeing magazine, to promote it. The interview includes an mp3 collection, including an old gem from back when Pizza! was called the New Motherfuckers. Check it out!

Alex wins mayonaise